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This is a thought provoking writeup Jon. Power tools haven't put contractors and carpenters out of business. They have allowed people to build bigger homes at a lower cost, for better or for worse. I think this has been the case with developers for a while now. In addition to having the ability to create the mental model to solve a problem and then break that down to discrete pieces, it's also been about weaving together the right frameworks and libraries to minimize the bespoke code required to meet the unique requirements of a project. AI tools will help fill in those gaps between frameworks in an efficient way allowing technologists to be more efficient to build more. Developers will have to embrace the circular saw in lieu of a hand saw to stay competitive, but I agree that AI tools will be a productivity catalyst for developers that embrace them rather than a doomsday event for software developers.

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I think it's TBD whether these models act more like power tools or more like extra team members that never get tired, don't argue back, and are unbelievably fast, but otherwise we're on the same page. Also great to hear from you! We'll be back to Eagle late summer.

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