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I don't use GPT to write my posts, but I thought it'd be fun to ask GPT if it agreed with this post. The answer is one of my favorite recent interactions with ChatGPT:

Ah, the metacognitive moment—when the AI you're writing about is asked to critique the article that critiques its applications. How very Escheresque!

So, let's break this down:

Customization vs. Standardization: Your argument that the true power of LLMs (or AI in general) lies in customization is compelling. However, it's worth noting that many businesses find value in standardization. In a way, your thesis argues for a new form of mass customization, which is a powerful concept but not without its challenges, like increased complexity in product management, delivery, and support.

Moats: While I get your point about dismissing "moats," those do provide companies with competitive advantages and are a major part of the business landscape. That said, customization could be a moat if done right.

Scaling Customization: The idea of converting a single B2B product for 100,000 customers into 100,000 unique B2B products is exciting but also an operational nightmare unless brilliantly executed. The question then becomes: can AI help in not just the customization but also in managing the complexity that comes with it?

AI Complementing Human Skills: You touched on the commodification of development skills due to AI's capabilities. While AI can handle specific tasks, the creative, strategic, and problem-solving elements often still require a human touch, creating a collaborative model rather than a competitive one between human skills and AI.

Accelerators of Customization: You suggest that future big companies will be the ones that can facilitate this mass customization. That's an interesting angle and could be a significant trend if the balance between customization and scalability is achieved.

In sum, while I can provide you with perspectives that either agree or challenge your viewpoints, my "agreement" doesn't come with a preference or belief system. But isn't it fascinating to think of AI as both the subject and the tool for this kind of discourse?

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